Boston, Mass. – A survey conducted by Change Research of 530 registered voters in Massachusetts shows overwhelming support of measures to help college students access nutrition benefits.  

71% support the state investing funding to help college students access nutrition benefits. When it comes to meals for public school students, 79% would support a system that is more generous than the current system, with a plurality, 40%, saying that all public-school students should receive free meals.

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The survey was commissioned by Tusk Philanthropies and conducted on behalf of the Hunger Free Campus Coalition.

The Covid-19 pandemic heightened the need for anti-hunger measures for college students but many students that are eligible for nutrition benefits do not receive them.  (Source) 

Acts establishing the Massachustts Hunger-Free Campus Initiative S.822 and H.1368, sponsored by Senator Harriette Chandler (D-Worcester)Representative Andy Vargas (D-Haverhill), and Representative Mindy Domb (D-Amherst) seek to create a system and funding to ensure that all eligible students receive benefits to return their focus to succeeding in school instead of avoiding going hungry.  


Post-stratification was performed on gender, ethnicity, region of the state, and 2020 vote. Weighting parameters were based on the composition of all registered voters obtained from the voter file. That is, if a given age bracket or gender group represented x% of all registered voters, then that same group would be weighted to x% in this survey. 2020 presidential results were based on numbers released by each individual state.

The modeled margin of error* for this survey is 4.4%. The modeled margin of error uses effective sample sizes** that adjust for the design effect of weighting. This research, like all public opinion research, does entail some additional unmeasured error.

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